Family Relationships Encourage Interpersonal Violence

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Family Relationships Encourage Interpersonal Violence As time passes, many advancements in technology and safety are made. But through all the breakthrough and upcoming, a major factor exists in the world: violence. As people progress in these conditions, violence also enhances. Violence exists everywhere one looks and it is impossible to rid people of it. No matter what the human race tries, it will be defeated by this “presence”. Violence is found everywhere, whether on the television, in the form of thought, violent acts or disasters from the local news, or fight scenes from a movie or show on network television. Unfortunately, even a young child could be exposed to violence by watching a simple cartoon. By a young child learning to commit these violent scenes or acts they will believe that they are normal and alright; after all, cartoons are said to be “good” for kids. Unfortunately, these types of violence are a part of life, and to rid violence from the world is as impossible. Just as it is hard to rid the world of violence, it also is hard to define it. One form of violence is called interpersonal violence. Interpersonal violence has two levels: the micro-level and the macro-level. A major component of the micro-level is family relationship. Many problems that occur in families are promoted into two spheres: the private and the public. The social forces, whether in the private or public spheres, of family relationships encourage interpersonal violence. Interpersonal violence can be described as violence perpetrated by one individual or a small group of people against another individual or small group. Even though the description of interpersonal violence is quite clear, many acts that fall under this t... ... middle of paper ... ... sphere. With the definition of interpersonal violence in mind, the social force of family relationships, is what drives one person against another person. The distinction of spheres gives people the ability to describe what one feels is considered violence. As a very controversial form of violence, domestic violence falls under the category, explained by Eisler, as the private sphere. One must decide if violence or any other related abusive actions within the family, or private sphere, is bad for society and should be brought to the attention of the public. Although family violence derives from the private sphere, society has managed to adopt it as a social force. Although this force is unstoppable and uncontainable in the private sphere, it can be contained within the public sphere by educating, protesting, and establishing laws for the public to promote.
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