Family Reflection

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This journal will reflect how I think family has an influence on how people treat others in a society. I interview my great aunt about race and racism. I expressed how my great grandmother being adopted by white people, shaped our thoughts about other races. I explain how my family is similar to African American families in the United States. I expressed my views on race and racism. Last I discussed how I will make sure my children, and their children share the same views as I about race and racism. Family Influence on Race and Racism I believe family has an influence on how people view the world. At some point in our life we are taught about race and racism. I personally think the way that we treat others in our society is influenced by…show more content…
The backbone is everything to a family. They are the mediator, comforter, teacher, and the one who keep the family together. My family hasn’t been the same since my grandmother died in 2009. When my grandmother was alive, every year we had a family reunion at her house. On Sundays she made sure all her children and her grandchildren were in church every morning, before Sunday school started. All the women in our family got together and cooked on Sundays also. Now that my grandmother is dead we all celebrate for her birthday. As Christians we were taught to love all people no matter what. This had an effect on how my family views other races. I know for a fact that any of my family members would be okay with me dating or getting married to someone of a different race. Like most African American families, my family value family. We may fuss or fight, but we are all there for each other no matter what. My View on Race and Racism. After learning from my family about race and racism, I had learned to not dislike others because they are apart of a different race. I know that racism still exist because I see it all the time in the news, social media, and at my workplace. In my opinion I don’t see how someone can not like a individual they don’t know nothing about. I also think that is wrong to teach your children not to like people of a certain race. According to my religion if you
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