Family Planning Policy in China

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Throughout the 19th century, parents could determine the size of their own family especially their children. Due to the recent excessive population growth the world is facing, this decision is not being determined by parents in China anymore. Parents, as guardians, have certain rights and responsibilities that could be considered as violated when The Family Planning Policy was passed, however, this policy was passed to benefit and protect our future population and race.

Population growth in this world is a major problem today. Population is increasing by 150 people per minute. This is starting to become a major problem because countries are lacking the necessities to balance development and consumption. This overpopulation in China was caused by the excessive amount of birth rates and decreasing number of deaths. Significant increase in population led to a considerably difficult problems of employment and shortage of resources and money. As for the government’s involvement regarding the Family Planning Policy; this law placed high strains on the family planning departments in the government. They had to completely change their ideas and ways of functioning to regulate the new rules that follow this law.

The Family Planning Policy or sometimes referred to as the One-Child policy, is a law that couples aren’t allowed to have more than one child; however, there are some couples that qualify as an exception if they fit the limited criteria and even then, they are required to ask for permission. Some parents feel as if they can find ways around this law or “avoid” it, but if citizens don’t comply with this one-child policy they can face penalties including, fines up to half the average annual household income, and confiscation of...

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... take on their true responsibilities and to practice their rights. The Family Planning Policy made its mark in history from the early 1900s to present day, causing a dramatic change in population numbers.

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