Family Origin And Specific Ancestors

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For this exercise we were asked to trace our family origin to specific ancestors as far back as we could. I am very fortunate to have all of my grandparents still living and who were able to tell me a little bit about their parents and grandparents. An interesting part of my heritage is that my own father was adopted from a German orphanage. Unfortunately, the only information that is known about his biological family is that they were from Germany. Most of the focus of my ancestry had to come from my maternal grandparents and what they shared with me. I found out that my grandfather’s parents were both born in Italy and my grandmother’s parents were second-generation immigrants. My grandmothers’ father’s parents were from Ireland and my great-grandmothers family was from Holland. As a result, my origin is a mix of Italian, Dutch, Irish, and German. My grandfather is a second generation Italian immigrant because his parents migrated to the United States with their families around 1914. They wanted to leave Italy in the hopes of starting over in America and making a better life for themselves. Both of his parents lived in poor conditions in Italy. One of my great-great grandfathers was sulfur miner and the other was a sharecropper. My grandfather described them as being “the lowest men on the totem pole” in the society that they lived in. They wanted to escape this and try and build a more prosperous life. For either of my great-great grandfathers to be able to leave Italy for the U.S. they had to have a job lined up. Interestingly enough, they both secured jobs with the New Haven Railroad in Connecticut. Also, the men migrated a couple of years before the women and children to make sure they had a secure place for their famil... ... middle of paper ... ...iate family observations, individual problems and family problems were kept between those who were involved. You did not talk about family problems with outsiders. I know that my maternal Irish great-great parents had a problem of the husband being an alcoholic, which lead to domestic abuse. This very large problem was never talked about, until after their deaths, it was just ignored. Ignoring and pretending the problem did not exist how the family decided to cope with it. Sometimes they would just leave the house to help pretend that the problem did not exist. I cannot comment as to why serious problems like this was not addressed, but as stated earlier, it was how they chose to cope. In certain times of crisis, family always turned to other family members for help. Sometimes, it was not an actual person that they turned to for help, but their religion and faith.
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