Family Of My Family

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My family is a typical normal Chinese family. All of my family members are Han ethnic, which is the dominant ethnicity in China. Both of my father and mother are the youngest children in their family. My father has three brothers and one sister. My mother has five sisters and one brother. And most of the last generations in my big family have only one kid, because of the “one-child policy” during 1980s till last year. My family lives in Sichuan province, which locates in the south west of China, where owns a warm climax and few natural disaster. And the city we live in is called Deyang. It is a third-tier city but it has more than a million populations. There are not lot wild animals, but there are many farms near the city. Thus people can always get both fresh vegetables and meat. Actually, my family members of my parents’ generation and the generations before used to live in the village. And that is why my grandmother and my uncle have an accent that is a little different than mine. And I found that my grandmother’s accent actually sounds kind similar to the accent of…show more content…
My mother keeps it, now. And it was given by my grandmother. It is also seen as the family heirloom. There are also many Chinese families keeping this tradition. Usually, it would be the mother gives the heirloom to her son’s husband. A bracelet is one of the most popular choices of the heirloom, because it is also seen as one of the most beautiful jewelries women can ever have in her entire life. The bracelet that my mother has now is made of jade. The jade bracelet will be brighter and more pellucid as the more times people wear it. Although my mother does not wear it often because she does not want to hurt it, the jade bracelet is already so glamorous after many years’ maintenance of the past owners. And this tradition has last thousands of years in the Han ethnic. It represent the culture heritage of a family and also the love from a
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