Family Nursing Case Study

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Describe your own family (this can be family of origin or those who comprise your current "family" in life), and discuss how it fits (or doesn 't fit!) into the definitions of family described in your Kaakinen and Friedman readings. My immediate household family is comprised of my husband, my twelve-year-old daughter, and our ten-year-old son. My husband and I have been together for almost twelve years and we have been married for eight of those years. Kaakinen, R., Coelo, P., Steele, R., Tabacco, A. & Hanson, H., (2015) defined a family as people that are living together and are tied to one another through either legal, biological, psychological, or social aspects (p.5). I think this is representative of my family because there are others…show more content…
Kaakinen, et al (2015) identified family health care nursing as providing health care needs to families that are within the nurse’s scope of practice and are intended to address all four aspects of a family these include the individual, the family as a system and whole, and also integrates the social aspects (p.8). My personal view of what family nursing consists of and what the expected outcomes should be, coincide with treating the family as a whole. It incorporates all aspects of a person’s culture, their views, and support systems. This enables us to identify potential barriers in the care of the family. When a nurse provides adequate family nursing she is able to tailor the interventions, collaborate with outside resources, and identify the individual strengths of the family members which in turn may help aid in the healing and wellness of the family as a…show more content…
Describe this process in the context of your family (i.e. describe your family’s coping strategies, roles, communication patterns, decision making process, or a family ritual/routine surrounding an important life or end-of-life event). When reading through the different components of family processes, one particular process stood out to me, and that was family coping. Kaakinen, et al., (2015) describes family resilience as a coping mechanism, meaning that as a whole the family is able to successfully cope with a crisis or hardships while maintaining functionality and growth (p.25). I can relate to family resilience because as a family we have had to face many obstacles. Although we have faced trials and tribulations we have remained resilient and managed to grow both as a family and as individuals. Kaakinen presents four lenses through which the family may be viewed (client, context, system, component of society). Doane and Varcoe describe an additional (spiritual) lens. Through which lens do you think it will be the easiest to view the families you will be
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