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Divorce is a big issue in America, and with divorce comes step-families. With step-families comes issues, so it is best to avoid divorce at all cost. Yet, sometimes people cannot, things like death or an unexpected change in heart, families can be left alone making them find a new family. This causes the issues as said before, things like money and space, not having enough of it to support the family, or the children that are being forced to merge families with total strangers. One thing that seems to separate families the most is death. In We are all made of Molecules death seems to be one of the biggest issues for one of our protagonists, Stewart. “Now I am thirteen and I miss her like crazy” (Nielsen 2). An unexpected death can leave a family heartbroken, and in a young marriage, it almost guarantees the creation of a step-family. “Our parents are buffers between living and expiration; when they're gone, we become the next generation." (Stone 40). Before an unexpected death a family could be used to having a certain amount of space, but merging families could become a problem. If a family had a house built for three then an unexpected death happens a new family coming to their house to live with them could create issues if that family had over three members. Combining houses could make the children in the situation have to share things like a bathroom or bedrooms. “But there was this super gross purple and green chair in the way.” (Nielsen 21). Another issue could be how certain styles could cause conflict, things like decorations and furniture. Family is the most important part of the American culture. It combines two people to make their income double and give them the ability to flourish. "What if Dad should fall on the... ... middle of paper ... ...his could lead to being a very socially unstable adult that does not function well with society. A teenager however could develop other issues. Things like trust issue could be the effect from divorce. This could also lead to these teenagers repeating the same mistakes as their parents. If not controlled divorce numbers could rise. Divorce is becoming more and more popular. Without consequences people rush into marriage and then leave it like it is not a big deal. News flash, it is a big deal, mindlessly marrying people and merging families into one is causing negative effects on teenagers and children. Love is not something you can push, it should be token slow and careful, and with the right time a decision should be made about marriage. If not our future generations could repeat the same mistakes as their ignorant parents, and corrupt society until it is no more.

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