Family Is The Most Important Thing?

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Every one has a family, but not every person chooses to be a part of that family because they don 't see that they only have one family. They end up losing sight of that family because they hate one person in the family. For me family is the most important thing even though we don 't get along that well from time to time. You should make time for your family because you never know when they are taken from you. This all starts with how I was raised. I was raised to be a family man and love the family I have no matter what happens. You never really know when someone might leave you. I grew up only knowing my grandpa on my mom 's side of the family because when my dad was 14 his dad passed away due to complications with diabetes. Never getting to know who he was I grew up with only stories of him. I always wanted to get to know who he was on a personal level, because I didn 't know what he was like except from the stories I had heard over the years. I don 't remember how old I was when my great grandpa on my dads side died suddenly. I had actually met him, but before that I hadn 't ex...

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