Family In The Novel 'War And Peace'

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In the analysis of the novel " War and Peace" , there are three main ideas that reveals Tolstoy . This family thought , thought and thought spiritual folk .

Thought family in the novel " War and Peace"

It is convenient to trace how Tolstoy depicts three families in the novel - Bolkonskis family , growth and Kuragin .

family Bolkonskis

We begin our analysis work "War and Peace " with family Bolkonskis . Family Bolkonskis - this old Prince Bolkonsky and his children - Andrew and Mary . The main features of this family - following reason , rigor, pride, decency , a strong sense of patriotism. They are very reserved in the manifestation of their feelings , only Mary sometimes openly shows them .

The old prince - a representative of the ancient aristocracy , very strict, has power among the servants , and his family. He is very proud of his ancestry and mind wants his children to be the same. So the prince is taken for tuition daughter geometry and algebra at a time when ladies from such knowledge is not required .

Prince Andrew - best representative aristocratic youth . This is a very strong-willed, persistent man of high moral principles, he does not accept human weakness . In life it is waiting for a lot of tests , but he will always find the right way out thanks to its morality. Much has changed in his lifetime love of Natasha Rostova that going for it, like a breath of fresh air , a symbol of real life. But treason Natasha kill him hope for the best. However, in this life of Andrei Bolkonsky is over , he still will find your meaning of life.

To Princess Mary important in life is self-sacrifice, she is always ready to help others , even to its own detriment . This is a very gentle , kind, sweet soul and submissive girl . ...

... middle of paper ... , spirituality, desire for mutual understanding and harmony, which is achieved by complementary spouses. This new family of Nicholas Rostov and Marya Bolkonskaya uniting opposite in spirit and Bolkonskis Rostovs family .

Another new family - a union of Natasha and Pierre Bezukhov . Each of them is a special person , but to make concessions to each other , as a result , they form a harmonious family . In the epilogue to the example of the family relationship of history can be traced to the relationship between individuals . After the war of 1812 in Russia arose a different level of communication between people , erased many estates border that led to the creation of new , more complex families.
Epilogue also shows how to change the main characters of the novel , to which they eventually came . For example, in Natasha's hard to know the old emotional lively girl.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes tolstoy's family thought, thought and thought spiritual folk in the novel "war and peace".
  • Analyzes how tolstoy depicts three families in the novel — bolkonskis family, growth and kuragin.
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