Family In The Mexican-American Family

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The family is the fundamental base to learn patterns associated with behavior in society. Mexican-Americans are the largest ethnic minority group in the United States. The Mexican-American culture is mostly based on traditions and values that are passed on for generations. This is one of the main cultures in which parents teach their children the same ideals, values, norms and social roles they were taught while growing up. For Mexican-American family is essential and fundamental to their culture. The role the family plays in the development of children will influence the way they will behave in the future. Usually, the family structure of this culture is based on the trait of familism. Familism is common in Mexican descendants because it highlights…show more content…
Usually, the male is considered the head of the house and the authority figure. The reason why males generally have more authority in the Mexican-American culture is mostly related to the fact that they are usually the only economic provider in the household. Furthermore, the behavior of males can be greatly influenced by the machismo culture. Machismo is characterized by the behavior of males, which try to portray an image of superiority and dominance which is reinforced by society, culture, norms and values (Segrest, Romero, & Domke-Damonte, 2003). In other words, machismo represents the subordination to men. Some of the males of this culture like to have control and dominance over their family, especially over their wives. The display of machismo allows males to prove their masculinity to other males while proving their power over his family. Usually, young males while growing up do not play a role in the housework because it is considered something that is just for females. Granted that, young males are usually left to play with their toys or if required to help is usually with manly stuff such as helping the father fix the car or cut the house yard. Not only is the male the provider of the house, but he is also viewed as the protector of his family. Showing superiority and power is one of the main ideals of males in this
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