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My family is remote, yet central to my life. We have developed together, yet apart, and without copious restraint of each other’s opinions or views. We come together, sometimes, for family occasions, always with the expectation that some or none will come to a family function or event. These family functions are merely an invitation, an invitation that family members attend arbitrarily. The host will not know who is attending until people start showing up the day the event occurs. Regardless, there is always enough food and room to accommodate the motley members whom might show up. It is an unspoken value (McGoldrick, 1995) to have enough provisions, just in case. I am one of six female children in my family. My father is Chinese and my mother…show more content…
395). The most significant relationships I had during my childhood were with my older sister and the sister subsequent to me. My older sister and I, being similar of age were raised as though we were twins. Mother often dressed us in matching outfits, and we were referenced to as a pair rather than individuals. Our mother even started us to school at the same time, holding my sister back a year so we could move through school together. Until my sister and I became older, indeed looked like twins and most people could not tell us apart. In fact, it was not uncommon during middle and high school for us to switch places. Unbeknownst to many of our peers and instructors, we could fill in our counterpart in class. My sister was indeed my counterpart and still is in many ways. We also fulfill what Sulloway (1996) states, “ Within each family, the first two siblings manifest the greatest disparities, followed by the second and third” (p. 96). While my sister and I had somewhat indistinguishable phenotypical traits, we are contrasting intellectually. This contrast keeps us in a perpetually challenging and delightful yet somewhat distant relationship. My succeeding sister was the unsurpassed apple of my family’s eye. Born eight years my junior she was welcomed enthusiastically by my older sister and myself. She was our little darling to whom we amused indulgently. When her sister was born, the youngest of my mother’s children, she gradually drifted towards a closer relationship with her full sister who is three years her

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