Family History : Family Health History

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Family Health history
Daniella Have one sister and one brother. They are a total of three in the house. Her father is deceased and her mother is still alive and very healthy but at risk for obesity. Her maternal grandmother is deceased of dementia and her grandfather for unknown reason. Her paternal Grandmother died of drug over dose and her paternal grandfather died of an illness that was not known. There is no history of violence or injury that involved her or any of her family members.

Sexual behavior, mental health and health history
Danielle is very aware of all the sexual transmitted disease and the safe practices in order to avoid them. She practices safe sexual intercourse with her fiancé by using a condom. Both her and her fiancé don’t have any other partners but each other. She is also in a very good mental health condition. She doesn’t have any particular mental problem that she is worried about. She feels sane and healthy. If she was to have any health problems, she knows that she can definitely rely on for advise and help on her fiancé and her family members so she can be able to get help. She has never been diagnosed of any major disease and she is perfectly healthy based on her last full check up. She is up-to-date on Immunization and is currently insured.
Age Specific Screening
Danielle is 25 years old. For her age, there are a lot of test that she needs to do. She needs to get her blood pressure checked every two years at least, but lucky for her, since she is a nursing student she can get her blood pressure measured every day. People older that the age of 20 also have to be screened if they have...

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...things everyday to go through school and she doesn’t want all her hard work to go to waist. She wants to gain 10 pounds of weight but only on her hips, butt and breast. She doesn’t want any extra fat in any other areas that those. She also wants to lose the baby pouch she got from when she had her baby eight years ago, she wants to get rid of it and be able to have abs. She also mentioned that she wants to practice eating healthier and nutritious meals between her and her family. She wants to grow the habit of drinking more water that soda or juice so she can be a good influence on her daughter’s eating habit. She also wants to start a family after she gets married and graduate because she wants her daughter to have sibling and she wants a bigger family because she realized how much blessed she is for having her siblings and family around during her stressful years.

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