Family Gathering Short Story

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We all, probably, have a story involving a drunk family member at a party or family reunion. Let’s just say my family has plenty. My uncle on my dad’s side of the family loves his tequila and brings his own bottle(s) to any family gathering. The particular family gathering you are about to hear about happened when I was about five years old. I can remember bits and pieces of the event in question but, the main part of the story happened past my bedtime. It was spring and, it was my stepmom’s birthday. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family loves to drink, and all their friends love to drink. Because my father was in charge of me he didn’t drink. The party starts pretty casually and light-hearted. My stepmom didn’t want anyone to get blackout…show more content…
It’s been told over and over again at various family gatherings. We all throw jabs at Dylan even to this day. One of my earliest memories of hearing it had to be around age seven. Dad was driving and I had asked him to tell me a story. He says he choose this particular one because I was there for part of the events. The only other person I’ve heard tells the story was Dylan himself. In his version, it was my dad who offered up the idea of climbing the tree. A fact that is conveniently missing from my dad’s narrative. There is plenty of reasons as to the purpose of the story. To embarrass Dylan, I think is one of the main ones. My dad also loves telling stories, in general, he loves to be the center of attention. A more deep reason for him to have told me this story as often as he has could be his fear that I’ll make the same mistakes he did. My dad has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse his entire life. He is currently in Prison right now for not finishing drug court. This is a funny story yet, always my dad would emphasize how Dylan could have seriously hurt himself had he gotten farther up the tree and blacked out. He always ends his tales of drunk or high friends with lessons of the dangers of such activities. I think that he was trying to do for me what his parents never did for him. I never even met my grandparents from his side of the family. All I know is they never really cared about what he

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