Family Food Essay

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Trying new and different foods over the years, from different restaurants, made me realize that there are many different kinds of flavors in all kinds of foods, of course some better than others. When I was raised they always fed me homemade food either from my mother or from my grandmother and as time went by everyone was very familiar with the different meals that they would cook everyday. Growing up we only had two meals per day, breakfast and dinner there was never a meal in between those but it never affected any of us because once it came down to dinner we ate well until we were full. Holidays and big events are always the best when it comes down to the food portion. On holidays my family always gets together at somebody 's house for…show more content…
During holidays every year we gather at a relative’s house to enjoy the celebration and to eat food in with each other. In total at least eight families are joined and celebrate each holiday of the year. Food for my family though is complicated everyday. Since there are eight in one house with different opinions the cooked meals are not always appealing to everyone. On a everyday basis my mother cooks homemade meals due to her always being home. While every single member in my family eats three meals or more a day for me two meals is enough because breakfast is unpleasant for some unknown reason. Some food is appears unappealing to many of us. Me and my sister do not enjoy eating meat regularly as opposed to my relatives who eat it daily. I was raised by my mother and her side of the family for three years, and they eat healthy. So instead of enjoying products like meat and other things similar being raised by them made me accustomed to not eating unhealthy products daily. Vegetables and fruit are some of the best foods, while my siblings dislike those things or barely eat some at all. Dinner is where we usually eat together because everyone is home. Meals are always a hassle due to us being a family of eight not all are to have the same opinions. In a way not only does food bring us together, but it also makes us really annoyed with each other because when one does not find the food appealing all they do is complain the whole time until they receive a different meal. Food is one thing that my
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