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Family, a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Although family is a concretely defined term, the idea of family varies from person to person. But, what makes a family? For those who are surrounded by loving blood relatives, for those who have never known the one to grant them life, for those who have left their blood behind for a more loving and nurturing environment, what can commonly define a family? Family is something defined by the individual. Family includes those who you have come to love, whether platonically or romantically, those you have suffered with, those you have come to respect, and most importantly those you have cared for and in turn have cared for you. To one that could mean people who are related by blood, to another it could mean a person who has established trust and love. No matter what, every single person will have their own definition of family. Over the summer, I, along with my dad, stepmom, and siblings, traveled to South Carolina for our annual pilgrimage, I mean vacation. During this trip we reunite with my stepmom’s family and we all embark on a five hour journey to the beach, where we soak up the rays like sponges in a bowl of water. While melting in the inferno that is known as Myrtle Beach, I was struck with an epiphany. A few years back, while at the beach, I was stung by a jellyfish. At that moment, gritting my teeth, I had run out of the water to our encampment on the beach. “Y’all okay,” Bryan, one of my step-uncles, had asked. “Yeah,” I had replied, nonchalantly, taking a moment to laugh through the pain, “just got stung by a jellyfish.” At my words, like they had fires under their butts, extended family of all ages were around me helping. This memory, t... ... middle of paper ... ...of political strife, or war, we come together. In our families we support and provide for each other. Family is about a give and take relationship, one with equal parts giving and equal parts taking. An equilibrium of love, loss, and patience. An equilibrium that stretches even farther that those who live in your house, or with the same blood in their bones. The term family is an umbrella that incompasses so many. Family reunion, step-family. Family. In times when I visit my step-family I am often reminded that I was not always here. I am reminded that they were already established in their family, but it doesn't phase me. Because, I know they love me as much as I love them. I know that no matter what happens to me I will always have their support. No matter what, I am still their family, because, family, true family, is not defined by a dictionary. You define it.

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