Family Eating: The Importance Of Family Gatherings

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Family gathering is the highlights to some culture. Gathering brings out the tradition and value that signify the love and unity of families and friends. As a kid, my family gathering would be an event that I would look forward to. Amorous stare of my grandparents when they look into one another eyes of the beautiful life they created with their kids. Family gathering with food brings out every aspect in my family such as love, fruitful blessing, and most of all the sweetest gossip. Love and food go hand in hand in the Curley’s gathering. In my observation with my family I noticed that everyone gets together and pitches in to make our gathering a success. For example, my grandmother has always been the planner in the family. She is always…show more content…
She believes that family represents a true beauty of a person, although, some might be blood related family that does not make them any more significant than those that are related through marriage or long term friendships. Her generosity of her love speaks a multitude of volumes, especially when she opens up her home for the family gathers. As a result of my grandmother consist tradition with family gatherings her daughters adopted the same values. My aunts are the ones that help with the cooking of the food preparation. They grew up watching their mother in the kitchen preparing dinners for her loved ones. Being the cooks is a huge responsibility because, devotion and experience comes with the cooking territory! Under those circumstances, my aunts had the best teacher which was my grandmother. Therefore, love has a colossal role in the family gathering. Love is known to be any object of warm affection and devotion. Observing the women in my culture they’re always dedicated in making sure everyone is well fed and satisfied with their food. As a kid, I would wonder why would the women stay up so late at night and cook while the men were either sleeping or watching sports one television. Then, as I grew older I realize when you love your family sacrificing was…show more content…
My aunt Wilha takes no prisoners and tell you straight up what is on her mind. At first, I used to think that was not a good quality to have because some family members would get upset with her for speaking the truth, but as life goes on family learn to appreciate her honesty. She is also the peace maker in the family. Aunt Wilha has a personality that does not hold on to animosity to long. Her cognitive process on animosity is life is too short to hold grudges on the ones you love and that loves you back. Although, sometimes I use to think that was a bad concept to have I’m learning to live and let go of resentments. She has thought showed me as a woman the true meaning of how to get along even with your worst enemy and showed me how to have pride in everything you accomplish although, you might not succeed does not define who you will become. Without my aunts to the family gathering gossip probably will cease to exist. The more family members that arrive to the gatherings is the more gossip generate around the house and
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