Family Disorganization In The Philippine Family

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The family unit – ideally a man and a woman living together in harmony and peace – is and will always be the basic social organization or unit of any society (Wilson, 2013). That is the traditional and, for a long time, the only accepted concept of the family. But like any other institution, even the most stable ones experience change. And with the emergence of new structures, there is a need for family to be redefined.
Family disorganization is a natural and expected phenomenon. The family needs to adapt to new needs and situations. Likewise, the family is a primary source and instigator of social change. When there is a change in the system and socialization practices of the family, there will also be changes in society (Medina, 2001).
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The Philippine government attempts to alleviate the status of single-parent families through the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000 or Republic Act No. 8972 (2000). It declares that different sectors of government are obliged by the state to promote the family and ensure its total development. Parents whose income fall below the poverty threshold can avail of comprehensive packages, such as livelihood development services and counseling services. The act specifies different benefits to be given to single parents, like extra leave from work, flexible work schedules, and possible scholarships. It also protects single parents from discrimination from the…show more content…
For example, Mikel, a five-year old boy from Cebu City, was raised by his mother single-handedly. His mother has not been in contact with his father for many years. He was enrolled in a local private preschool when he was four years old. While in school, Mikel’s academic performance was marked with inconsistency. He did well in some lesson and subjects, but at times, he also lagged and seemed unfocused. He had a temper that caused him to constantly have conflicts with classmates. He can also be defiant when it comes to following cues and classroom

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