Family Breakdowns

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In today’s society many families are struck with adversity in numerous ways. However, is the adversity struck within each family controllable? The most common form of “diversity” amongst families in today’s society is divorce. In America there is one divorce every 13 second—that makes for 6,646 divorces a day and 46,523 divorces a week. Marriage is no longer considered a “life-long” promise but merely a “right here, right now” act. While the adults who vow to spend the rest of their lives together undergo divorce, the children involved in the situation are more affected than the adults.
Divorce is commonly linked with depression. When two people divorce, they lose their best friend and partner, hopes and dreams, and even at times financial stability. Women handle divorce in a more collective way than men. Women feel a great deal of relief when marital problems finally come to an end, and later gain more self-confidence after they take on a new role as “dad.” However, men respond to divorce differently than women do. Men are more likely to experience the emotional aftermath of a divorce due to their newly founded lack of companionship, intimacy, and social connection. It is said that because of the lack of social connection, men will remarry quicker than most women.
Divorce impacts the children involved more severely than recognized. When a child is introduced to the massive change of divorce, it intensifies the child’s dependence on a parent. Forty-three percent of children in America today are growing up being raised without sight of their fathers. Not only are children severely affected by divorce between their parents, but they are also more likely to be raised in a household with an income below the poverty line. A child exp...

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...suggestions to a certain extent. Save yourself from the chances of divorce by not rushing into marriage.
Everyone has their own image or fantasy of “the perfect family,” but in today’s society that perfect image is often shattered by the adversity of divorce. Whether it is taking the steps to prevent divorce in your own marriage, or even waiting to vow yourself to another, when considering divorce you should take into account the effects of this tragic hardship. Consider the effect losing a spouse could have on you, but more importantly, reconsider the life of your child and the effect losing a “full-time parent” could have on them.

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