Family Breakdown Of The Family Structure

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Family Breakdown Fuels Poverty
The family structure refers to the combination of individuals that encompass a family. This combination of individuals most commonly comprises a mother, a father and child. The cause of the breakdown of the family structure ranges from divorce, widowhood, to children born to unwed mothers. The breakdown of the family structure is an ethical dilemma which has perpetuated poverty in America. By rebuilding the family structure, we can turn the tide on poverty in America.
To understand the effects of the breakdown of the family structure, we must first observe the consequences in economic terms. In an article titled “Family Breakdown and Poverty”, the authors highlighted the consequences of family breakdown by
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“It is hard to imagine how any of the social problems that take up the time and efforts of policymakers—problems of economic mobility, educational attainment, employment, inequality, and on and on—could be seriously mitigated without some significant reversal of the trends in family breakdown” (George & Levin, 2015). The continued breakdown of the family structure could spell disaster for America. In an article entitled, “The Breakdown of the Family in Secular Society”, the writer, Alex Colvin, explains how research has now established a link between the breakdown of the family and the major problems troubling our society. To show the impact this is having on America, Colvin asks us to consider the following facts. “Divorce is the leading cause of childhood depression; 75% of adolescent patients at chemical abuse centers are from single-parent families; 63% of youth suicides are single-parent children; 70% of teen-age pregnancies are single-parent children; 75% of juveniles in youth correction facilities are from single-parent families” (Colvin, 1997). The only way to stop these negative trends in our society is to bring back the

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