Family Bonding : Wife Swap

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Wife Swap Wife Swap is a television program in which two families swap mother for two weeks to invite them to a new way of living. The program involves, two families form different part of the country with very different values, are chosen to take part in a two-week long trial. The mothers from these two families exchange husbands, children, and lives to realize what it 's like to live another woman 's life. I had watched Wife Swap before, and I liked it because it is a good example of mixing two different cultures. I watched three episodes for this paper; I will compare between the cultures of the two families each episode. Firstly, I saw the Kuncaitis and Zdazinsky families; the mothers were two very different women; a religious farm woman and outgoing party mom. I personally loved the religious family. I can tell how much the Zdazinsky mom really appreciated the opportunity to get out of her life and do some real family bonding as you can clearly see by the end of the show. I think both families benefited from this experience, but especially the Zdazinsky family. Zdazinsky mother straightened that Kuncaitis child out as a former nanny and teacher; she showed that there is a need for discipline and structure. “Princess” the babysitter probably moved out after the show because Kuncaitis mom actually became a mother again or for the first time, as she stated as she left the other house. With this an epiphany, she came back and made some changes. The Kuncaitis family so passive aggressively rude and critical toward the other family, even if you don 't agree with their lifestyle you should at least respect them as people. According to our textbook in “chapter 1 page 17’’, it shows that it is very important to respect other cultures... ... middle of paper ... ...esn 't care to be famous; it 's his selfish parents that want him to be famous. Robinson mother shows how sorry she is for the Parker kids. The only one that gets attention is Chris. One of the oldest sons wants to be a veterinarian, but the parents do not nurture his future career, but nurture the career of a 9-year-old rapper. Finally, Wife Swap is not a competition or a contest. It is a reality show unlike any other, where the battlegrounds are the kitchens and living rooms, child-rearing is a subject of intense and heated debate, and the outcome isn 't a cash prize, but a couple 's opportunity to rediscover why they love each other and decided to marry in the first place. It shows that people likes their life and the way they are living it. Everyone enjoy their life and does not want to change it because they are familiar with what they have been doing.

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