Family Betrayal In Hamlet

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Destruction from a family member may be gruesome. Betraying family could possibly be deceitful. When there is false affection towards others, the truth will become noticed. To most, family is a top priority, to keep safe and loved by others, with no secrets among none. This may be possible for some, but in the Shakespearean play, Hamlet, this is not so. One thing that is most common in the entire play is betrayal from different family members, especially the Uncle, King Claudius. But, in a way that Hamlet discovered the truth was unorthodox. With Hamlet, the King of Denmark, finding out who killed his father was like being stabbed in the back because it felt unreal to know that your own blood can kill a loved one, just to be crowned king. The…show more content…
If he be now return’d as checking at his voyage, and that he means no more to undertake it, I will work him to an exploit, now ripe my device, under the which he shall not choose but fall: and for his death no wind of blame shall breathe, but even his mother shall uncharged the practice and call it accident” (Shakespeare IV. vii. 59-65). So this saying that they will set Hamlet up by poisoning him and call it an accident. The day of Hamlets death, he was to fence Laertes. Said in Absolute Shakespeare, “Hamlet wins the first two rounds against Laertes but is stabbed and poisoned fatally in the third round” (Shakespeare Summaries). Also with this it states that, “. . . Queen Gertrude drinks a poisoned cup meant for Hamlet, dying but not before telling all that she has been poisoned” (Shakespeare Summaries). The poison over all was for Hamlet, but got to everyone else and then he died last. Queen Gertrude died by drinking from the cup that Hamlet was suppose to drink from, Laertes dies by a stabbed wound by Hamlet that had poison on it, King Claudius was stabbed by Hamlet with the same sword that killed Laertes, and Hamlet dies by a sword wound made by Laertes that had the poison on it. With this being said that last person to actually die was

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