Family And Education : An Essential Reference Point For The Incorporation Of The Society

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From my point of view, family and education are an essential reference point for the incorporation of the society; Education has a very clear objective, is the comprehensive development of the child, and is in the family nucleus where we find the roots of this global development. The family is the first context in which we connect with the world, a particular world of each family group, in which the adult transmitted all their knowledge to the child through habits, customs, beliefs and cultural background. In my opinion the first responsibility for the education of children, are the parents. With all above, I have to state that I 'm not really agree with what Mr. Rodriguez exposes, I do not think the fact of having more education than others have to create a barrier and make you feel more powerful or superior, leaving the others behind you. In his case the barrier was no create by education it was created by him. From my point of view he was ashamed of his roots so much that for him, a great achievement was to lose his accent, which in my humble opinion Rodríguez lost more than his accent, he lost his identity to imitate a culture that was not his. There is nothing wrong adapting yourself to a new culture, but leaving behind your custom is not correct to your family and to your heritage. Mr. Rodriguez, also exposed that his family had very little education, he could not feel comfortable at home, because he realized there was an educational division between him and his family since he was in elementary school. It was also the reason he found himself would not fit in any place. Rodriguez was upset that his parents could not help with homework. I suppose in his mind was considering the idea of how his parents with so little educati... ... middle of paper ... ...d see my dreams and at the same time their dream also came true. The youngest daughter could and shoot down any barrier, thanks to their teachings and the way that they want me to fight the adversity. That day I wanted to make them feel proud of me, that they see that their efforts served as something that contributed to my future. I can never erase their face of happiness and proud on my graduation. Even though they often did not share the same thoughts, I have always respected their way of thinking of them and never considered inferior to me by their lack of education, on the other hand admired his intelligence and how they overcome adversity. For all of these facts, I do not feel that the education that I receive through this year’s estranges me from my origins, on the contrary, I feel proud of my parents, proud of my brothers, sister and my roots and my beliefs.
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