Family Abuse Case Study

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escribe a type of family violence. Identify factors that increase the risk for this type of violence. Family centered abuse is an unfortunate fact that the nurse will need to assess for as they provide care for various populations. The elderly are not exempt to this abuse for as many as “one in 10 elders reported emotional, physical, or sexual mistreatment or potential neglect” (CDC, 2013, p.1). According to Landenburger and Campbell (2012) elder abuse is becoming even more prominent. Abuse can be classified into various categories such as emotional, sexual, neglect, and physical or financial abuse. Abuse due to neglect, includes the cases where perhaps shelter is not being provided, food or clothing is not being offered, and when…show more content…
The older adult who is confused, feeble, or cognitively impaired is at a high risk of being abused as this can place a high burden on the caregiver (Landenburger & Campbell, 2013, p.845). There are various dynamics that can increase the risk of abuse. The family member or caregiver may not have the appropriate tools to cope with the high levels of stress that accompany caring for the older adult or for that matter not have the appropriate training needed to learn how to provide the care. Other factors include the use of drugs or alcohol and lack of social support. A high reliance on the older adult for financial or emotional needs can also be considered a risk factor (CDC, 2013, p.1) Discuss the mental and physical ramifications of violence on individual and family health. From your nursing or life experience, provide an example of either a mental or physical result of violence experienced by an individual or family. The exposure to violence is known to cause unfavorable mental and physical damages. Individuals who have either been exposed to violence, witness violence, or have lived in fear of violence suffer from lifelong consequences that can affect both mental and physical health (Prevention Institute, 2011,
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