Families: The Effects Of Great Depression On Families

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150 words

This article is explaining how the Great Depression affected families in different classes adversely. It explained that more rural areas suffered the most; meaning the farmers of the country, who are usually more poor than the businessmen living in the city. Some families were so poor that their children had to work to help support their family. The other class was from middle-class, and the author explains a man’s point-of-view, saying that the man was thankful that he did not have to live like the other children that were living on the streets with no place to go. The man said his family had to learn how to save money, and only spend it on what they needed not what they wanted. The author also explains that people gained a new outlook on

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the great depression affected families in different classes adversely. it explained that rural areas suffered the most, while middle-class families had to learn how to save money.

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