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1888 words

Everyone wants to feel wanted and important. This is a common need for humans. From a young age, we are taught to be our absolute best and that success only comes from hard work. The ability to achieve the success and have undeniable anything is known as fame. In his book “Fame 101?” American author Jay Jessup describes fame as “a very big and very visible professional success. It is the key to the good side life’s velvet rope.”(Jessup 9) .Fame brings about unrivaled serge of one's popularity however; it can also lead to one’s downfall. It is my thesis that fame has a lot of downsides; this is called the dark side of fame.

Fame can see one’s transition from struggling to make it big to becoming the definition of …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the tabloid press plays a vital role in highlighting the dark side of fame.
  • Explains the difference between fame and "celebrity" in jay jessup's book "fame 101".
  • Analyzes how marilyn monroe fell victim to fame and was in the center of numerous scandals. she turned to drugs for a sense of escapism until her death in 1962 by accidental drug overdose.
  • Explains that fame's windfall lifts financial burdens, opening the celebrity to experiences that are special. to become obsessed with fame is often seen as parallel with drug addiction.

As a system, the condition of celebrity status is convertible to a wide variety of names and conditions within contemporary culture does the power celebrity status appears in business,politics,and artistic communities and operates in a way of providing distinctions and definitions of success within those domains. Celebrity status also confers the entire person a certain discursive power within society. The celebrity is a voice above others a voice that is channel into the media system as being the generally significant” (Marshall,(Preface)page “X”,1997)This relates to topic because it reinforces the fact that people who achieve fame also achieve impact. Celebrities are seen as symbols. They are walking projections of what everyone wants to be.They are expected to be their absolute best 100 percent of the time and this puts them under a substantial amount of …show more content…

The tabloid press plays a huge role and in how we view celebrities .Media outlets set out to document the lives of those who are in the public spotlight .In a 1997 interview with Barbara Walters ,recording artist Michael Jackson candidly spoke about his relationship with the tabloid press. He would go on to give examples of how he had to literally run and hide from the paparazzi who would harass him constantly.” I go around the world hiding. I can't go to the park .I can't go to the store .I feel like I am in a prison.”Jackson stated. (Jackson 1997)The interview put a spotlight on the unfortunate cons of celebrity, thus making it relevant to the topic of the dark sides of fame. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, pop singer Lady Gaga (best known for her eccentric fashion and performances) gave a performance of her song “Paparazzi”. The performance was based on the good and dark sides of fame and had a lavish styled mansion set up. Towards the end of the performance, blood began to gush from her chest area. The performance would end with the singer suspended above the audience “bleeding to death” while camera flashes can be seen and heard. The performance was meant to symbolize

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