False Appearance In Frankenstein

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Sarah Barkan Essay One English 1B In the book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly, people are judged by their appearances on a daily basis. There is always an assumption of a person’s character or integrity based off of how they look. Unfortunately, these preconceived notions are more often wrong than they are right. It is no wonder that the very popular saying, “never judge a book by its cover” holds a strong truth because there is always much more to a person that what the outward appearance leads us to believe. Although it is wrong to treat people differently based off of their looks, it is something that is done almost instinctively. A perfect example of this ever so common error is found in Mary Shelley’s novel entitled “Frankenstein”. This…show more content…
As a child he grew up in a loving family surrounded with siblings. As a young adult he went to college to pursue the study of the science, nature and philosophy. Consequently, his passion for education grew rapidly and soon his studies consumed his life. Eventually he began to study how the human body functions while a person is alive and how it reacts at death. This interest was his inspiration for his desire to create a person that would be born not from a womb. Initially, Frankenstein appears to be a very well education, intelligent and passionate individual. Because of his upbringing one could easily assume that he would innately feel a conviction to nurture a living being. However, when he creates his “Creature” and is successful in bringing it to life, instead of feeling joy and admiration for this remarkable achievement, he is terrified and flees in absolute horror. “I remembered also the nervous fever with which I had been seized just at the time that I dated my creation, and which would give an air of delirium to a tale otherwise so utterly improbable. I well knew that if any other had communicated such a relation to me, I should have looked upon it as the ravings of insanity.” (pg. 85) What is interesting to note is that he reacted in a cowardly way and instead of taking responsibility for his creation and educating this creature he leaves it in a helpless situation. This proves that although he appears to be a well-educated, responsible man, his true character is that of a coward and in many ways a neglectful
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