Falling In Love: The Three Stages Of Love

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Have you guys ever wonder how love truly functions? Love is a mysterious emotion, you will feel acceptance, trust, kind, devotion, fondness, warmth, and adoration. Randomly, you feel this emotions, once you find the right person towards who, you are attracted to. Science and psychology takes place during the process of falling in love. As for science, a recent study called “science behind love” was undertaken by Arthur Arun in the University of Rutgers. Arun stated that the amount of time taken to fall in love was 90 seconds to 4 minutes. YIKES! Be aware who you talk to, you might end up falling in love. Moreover, Arun mention that lust, attraction, and attachment are three stages of chemical reactions that occur within body. The first stage…show more content…
Going in depth for adrenaline, some of the symptoms you will endure stress response, positive attitude reaction, increase adrenalin and cortisol. Therefore, being next to your crush, your heartbeat will raise, you will obtain a dry mouth, and your senses will reduce. Don’t worry, just remember to take a deep breath, it will help reduce the symptoms and help you stay calm. The second symptom is a dopamine, it activates the feeling of satisfaction within the body. Dopamine is a natural activator that makes it equivalent as if you're consuming cocaine. Patients revealed that you feel a rush of energy, feel hungry, slept less, and tend be focused during the process of dopamine. I had previous experiences where I would only want to stay awake for my crush. This eventually lead me into not wanting to eat during lunch because I would get the butterflies. The last symptom for attraction is serotonin, it is an important chemical that redirects you to only think about your lover. According to Sandra Langeslag and her colleagues, they reported that the levels of serotonin are different among men and women. Men serotonin levels are low and women serotonin are

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