Fall Among The Elderlies Case Study

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The incidence of falls among the elderlies in the critical care unit.

The purpose of this project was to acknowledge there was an issue in the critical care unit. The strategies that we will take to promote patient safety on the critical care unit. Based on all falls incidence datas collected within the past eight months. I was able to create my input of discussion to help solving the problem. Therefore my PICOT topic was related to the incidence of falls among the elderlies in the critical care unit.
A fall can relate to many risk factors as, hypotension, dizziness, clutter places, Poor vision, and urinary tract infection with altered mental status.
The Problem is related to the elderlies that are confused, demented,
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She suggested that all staff must follow safety protocol. A fall and nutrition assessment must be done prior to admission on all patients regardless their age. She also recommends to use the least approach for all confused patients in the Critical care. She prohibits the use of wrist and vest restraints on the unit. She makes sure that her staff reinforce the alert and awake patient to use the call bell for any assistance. All 1:1 observation and mittens needs a Doctor’s order. She also talk about bed alarm implantations.
Fall can lead to many major complication that can affect patient outcomes. It can lead to fractures especially if they an underlying osteoporosis diagnosis. Bleeding, and bruises if patient is on Coumadin. Possible death can happen during a fall incident.
Falls can also impact us through a lower HCAPs score. Higher expenses for the length of stay. No reimbursements due to additional diagnosis of falls. High levels of stress on nurses. Bad reputation for the hospital. The hospital can close down. No one wants to bring a family member to a place that is unsafe with several incidence of falls.
Ways for this problem to be resolved will be safety promotion first by assessing patient needs. Brakes on bed should always be locked and plugged in. Place a bed alarm and call bell within

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