Faith Is A Right Definition Of Faith

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In the first chapter of The Basic, we explore different aspects of faith. We learned that Faith could be understood in many different ways. Faith can be described as the concept of believing in the existence of God, and also trusting in the Lord. John Calvin, on the other hands, have his own definition of faith. Calvin stated his belief, “Now we shall have a right definition of faith if we say that it is a steady and sure knowledge of the divine benevolence towards us, which is founded upon the truth of the gracious promise of God in Christ, and is both revealed to our minds and sealed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” Calvin definition illustrates the idea of Trinitarian. He describes faith to each of the three persons of the Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Calvin said that faith is a “steady and certain knowledge of the divine benevolence towards us,” he is trying to prove God’s reliability. The “knowledge” that Calvin is talking about is the experience of God’s love for us. Having faith is God does not only mean that a person is acknowledging the fact that God...
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