Faith And Faith In Serenity

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As human beings, we put a small part of ourselves in everything that we create, whether it’s intentional or not. In the television series Firefly, and the follow-up movie “Serenity”, Joss Whedon tells the story about his own battles with faith. The captain of Serenity, Malcolm Reynolds, is clearly the embodiment of Whedon’s struggle with losing his faith, only to later find it in a different place than he originally lost it, but the rest of the crew also have their own aim with their variations of faith. The married couple Zoe and Wash have faith in one another. Kaylee, Jayne and the rest of the crew as a whole have faith in their captain. But the show reaches beyond that and shows how faith can drive more than just an individual. Entire populations are showcased with faith as the one thing that gets them from one day to the next. Deep down at its core, faith is the driving force behind all of Firefly and “Serenity”. In Lyle Zynda’s “We’re All Just Floating in Space” the author looks at the DVD commentary from the Firefly episode “Objects in Space” in regards to Joss Whedon’s personal history with Faith. At sixteen years old, Joss realized that he did not have any religious faith. “Soon thereafter, as he began to think for the first time as an adult about life and reality, Whedon reports having an experience in which reality as a whole presented itself to him especially vividly” (88). In his acceptance speech to the Harvard Humanist Society, Whedon clarified that “Faith is something we have to embrace. Faith in God is believing absolutely in something with no proof whatsoever. Faith in humanity means believing absolutely in something with a huge amount of proof to the contrary.” [1] Whedon’s lack of religion did not in an... ... middle of paper ... on the outer rim, away from the central planets but also never calling any place home other than Serenity. Through his adventures with his crew, and his discovery of the Alliance’s evil past, he finds his faith again. In true Joss Whedon fashion, the focal point of faith in this story is not a faith in God or some other higher power, but rather it’s faith in humanity. Because just like everyone else, Joss Whedon puts a little bit of himself in everything that he creates. In the case of Firefly, Joss puts his hopes for a better tomorrow for all of humanity. Joss tells the story of a crew who realize that “the enemy of humanism is hate, is fear, is ignorance, is the darker part of man that is in every humanist, every person, in the world. That is the thing we have to fight,”[6] just as Joss believes. The hope for all humanity lies within their faith in each other.
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