Fairy Tales Analysis

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Fairy tales are stories made for both adults and children of all ages and are normally told orally or through literature. These tales have always been useful in helping to develop children’s imagination and teach them simple life lessons, such as never to wander the woods alone. Through the use of violence and magical elements, as well as focusing on younger characters in fairy tales, it reinforces the didactic patterns found in both traditional and modern tales written or created by the Grimm Brothers, Madame de Beaumont, Hans Christian Anderson, Disney and DreamWorks. To begin, most, if not all fairy tales contain a little bit of violence in them. Violence has been a popular method used in children’s tales to exaggerate certain scenes…show more content…
For instance, in Disney’s Snow White, the evil stepmother dies due to her greed for beauty and attempted murder in the same way that Farquaad in Shrek dies because of his cheating methods in becoming King. Though stories created by Disney do not elaborate or focus too much on death or other disturbing scenes, it is evident that various forms of violence are still being used. The unfortunate death of the evil Queen in Snow White demonstrates to children that she is not someone who they should look up to and that the decisions she makes are not the best, while in Shrek, Farquaad’s death conveys the lesson that people who only think about themselves and try to cheat through life will not survive. Not only is violence a popular way to teach children, but rewards and magical elements are also frequently used to convey a message in both traditional and modern…show more content…
Beauty in “Beauty and the Beast” by Madame de Beaumont, is the exact opposite of her sisters, where she only thinks about the well-being of her father and does what she can to make him happy. As a result, she is rewarded with a magically transformed husband, the royal status of Queen and two frozen sisters that can no longer bother her. In contrast, in The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson, the ugly duckling is not as helpful or kind-hearted as Beauty, but he is innocent and demonstrates a character that continuously tries to make friends. In the end, the duckling is not given any magical powers, but there is this magical element to it, where he is rewarded for his patience and transforms into this beautiful swan. Hence, the use of magic is another popular pattern used in fairy tales, where it helps to persuade and educate kids into making better decisions in life by presenting to them various possibilities and rewards that they can receive if they follow in the protagonist’s
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