Fairy Tale

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Fairy Tale

Whatever happened to happily ever after?

The valiant prince on his mighty steed has seemed to disappear.

Dragons keep on living, there's no more laughter,

Whatever happened to the one that saved us from our fear?

Peter grew up with just a dad,

Mom was wasted, and left him all alone.

And when he grew up he realized he'd been had,

Forced to deal with a mom that never at home.

But Pete had worked past all of that,

He and dad managed to endure.

But one mistake would ruin his life,

Money had too much allure.

He sold some drugs,

Just to some thugs,

Who were really cops in guise,

They made him pay the price for his lies.

To avoid the dungeon of local lore,

He had to leave the state.

So he went on back to mom,

Back to who we hate.

He can never return again,

To see his father,

Or his friends,

Or he'll be locked away.

But what's life with a deadbeat mother,

In Alabama just to cover,

A mistake he made that ruined his life,

It's provided him with so much strife,

Compared to others he had to grow up so much faster,

Whatever happened to happily ever after?

Samantha had a friend,

Andy was someone that she cherished.

They had been through thick and thin and back again,

Until the day he perished.

Professor Alden Brooks had a student,

Andrew could reach everyone's heart.

There relationship -- strictly profossional and prudent,

But Brooks loved all his kids, especially those with wit and smart.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardon loved their son,

Andy was so kind, loving, considerate.

Their family always had so much fun,

But now we have to consider this:

What happens when Andy Cardon takes his life?

When he draws his own blood,

When he ends it all with one stroke of a knife.

Everyone around him had failed to see his deep depression,

But what are the results of his act of agression?

The Cardons have lost all hope,

Their sun had been taken,

They have to find a way to cope,

So he really was depressed, he wasn't faking…

Proffesor Brooks broke down in class,

He couldn't take it anymore.

He just fell, the tears came fast,

And he ended up sobbing on the floor.

Sammy was crying at lunch, she's heartbroken and she's lost,

Andy took his life, and what will be the cost,

Will she follow in his footsteps, and ruin her life too?

I hate suicides so very much, don't you?

And what about the teacher and the parents and the friend who's been affected,

What about the people who wonder if they should have suspected?

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