Fair Government In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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348 words

In Animal Farm by George Orwell, there are many examples of how a somewhat fair government can quickly become corrupt. In the beginning of the novel, the animals of the Manor Farm are apathetic to the idea of rebellion, mainly because they feel it is not their job to organize this rebellion. Though one character, Old Major, convinces the animals that if they ever want to better their lives, they have to work for it themselves. This relates to when Vladimir Lenin gave voice to the philosophy of Marxism. In the novel Old Major was introducing the basic teachings of Animalism, or Communism, to the animals of the farm. After Old Major’s speech, the revolution occurred and Farmer Jones was expelled from the farm. At first, all of the animals worked together to keep the farm running and to produce enough food for all members of the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the animals of the manor farm are apathetic to the idea of rebellion because they feel it is not their job to organize this rebellion.

The pigs were always considered the smarter and more competent animals, so when the pigs took control, nobody questioned their motives. Even if the animals did feel that their government was corrupt, most of the animals did not have the courage or proper education to rebel against the pigs. This situation is similar to when Josef Stalin rose to power in the Russian government. Stalin’s way of ruling a country was harsh, cruel, and was a facsimile of a totalitarian government. Stalin used propaganda and fear to control every aspect of his country, like how the pigs used the fear of Farmer Jones returning to the farm to justify them taking control of the animals. Stalin also controlled the education of the people. Since he could decide what his people were taught, most people had no knowledge of how corrupt Stalin was. In Animal Farm, the pigs, specifically Napoleon and Snowball, were more educated than the other animals. So when the pigs took over the farm and made it corrupt, none of the animals knew what was occurring because they were

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