Failure: How Has Humanity Poisoned our Mother?

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Next, environmental carcinogens such as asbestos, arsenic, and formaldehyde contribute to the declination of human health. Asbestos is a carcinogen that can be found in the insulation of many older buildings. When humans are exposed to asbestos both through breathing it in or ingesting it in foods, the risk of developing lung cancer is increased (National Toxicology Program. “12th Report on Carcinogens”. Print. 53-55). Arsenic, a naturally occurring carcinogen, can also increase the risk of lung cancer as well as skin cancer. Humans are exposed to arsenic in medicines, drinking water and in occupations such as mining, copper smelting (removal of copper from rock through means of heating), and glass making (National Toxicology Program. Print. 50-52). Cigarettes are one of the main sources that constitute for formaldehyde exposure. However, a cigarette smokers’ main concern is fulfilling his addiction not how he is impacting his surroundings. Formaldehyde is also a product of exhaust from vehicles. Additionally, workers in industries such as agriculture, construction, embalming, firefighting, and furniture production are more susceptible to formaldehyde exposure. This known carcinogen is linked to leukemia, nasal cancer, and nasopharyngeal cancer (National Toxicology Program. Print. 195-200). I strongly dislike the presence of cigarette smoke in my environment, partially due to the horrid smell. Also, I dislike the fact that there are so many programs and advertisements that demonstrate the dangers associated with smoking, yet users carelessly brush them off to feed their addiction. I agree with Chief Seattle when he states, “Contaminate your bed, and you will one night suffocate in your own waste” (Chief Seattle’s 1854 Surrender Le...

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... thoughtful actions. No longer will I seek the outdoors only to make a transition from one location to another, but to seek the beauty my Mother has provided. Instead of rushing off to my next calling, I take time as often as possible to stop, inhale the natural air, and observe the scenery that surrounds me. Instead of looking at a rock or stone, I see it as a creation, a beauty mark from my Father that differentiates this site from any other sight in the world. When I view nature in this way, I expand this view to something unique, something that has not been shared with an individual a thousand miles away or an individual who kicked the rock to the side because it was in his way. By accepting my responsibility to maintain and continue to change my attitude, and by making more sacrifices to lessen my effect on the Earth, I can become a better steward of the Earth.

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