Fahrenheit 451 By William Bradbury

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A myriad of authors birth various versions of dystopian novels; however, all maintain oppressive societies that relate to other time periods, yet contain significant differences. For example, Fahrenheit 451 limits individual freedom and maintains control through manipulation, which occurs nowadays, but without the oppressor. Bradbury, the author, says, a science fiction writer’s duty is “to offer hope, to name the problem and then offer the solution. And I do all the time” (Editors). He incorporates government control, and censorship through exaggeration to introduce dystopian features that relate to today’s society. Fahrenheit 451 purposely fails to portray today’s society in its purest form; therefore, the material in the novel exaggerates the authenticity of its reflection on reality. For example, firefighters burn novels, and the authority restricts people from reading books; however, today, firefighters stop fires, books remain safe from destruction, and people possess the freedom to read. The government’s role in the novel contrasts the government’s role today. For instance, the government provides happiness, whereas the authority today provides security. Unfortunately, Big Brother’s role in Fahrenheit 451 proves deceitful, because he fails to provide happiness; instead, he distracts and lies to them. Lastly, citizens within the novel, approach war with a flippant attitude. For example, one of Mildred’s friends says, “I’m not worried” while another says, “I’ve never known any dead man killed in a war” (Bradbury 94); however, today, citizens approach war with respect and sobriety. Sadly, the deaths of loved ones haunt far too many people, because death, resulting from war, prevails. This novel amplifies the truth about today... ... middle of paper ... ...lampooning religious figures such as the Prophet Muhammad (Beattie-Moss). His work offends many people; therefore, to bring peace, the authority restricts citizens’ freedom and rights. The author critiques the restrictions on freedom of speech and provides a solution by stating through his characters, “we are unimportant, our job is to remember” (Bradbury). Bradbury utilizes censorship to support his comments on today’s society. Bradbury comments on the advancement of technology, and freedom of speech through government control, and censorship. He warns citizens to remember history and books rather than remain oblivious. Also, he provides a society without freedom of speech to teach the importance of the First Amendment. Fahrenheit 451 provides an overzealous representation of today’s society for the purpose of bringing awareness to the growing dystopian elements.
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