Fahrenheit 451

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Taking place in a futuristic American City, Guy Montag is a fireman, but not one of todays time. Montag doesn’t save people from burning buildings, he actually starts fires to burn books. Houses are now made fireproof to prevent accidental house fires. Montag lives in a time where everything is placed so people don’t have time to just think, but only have time to have fun, but montag is sad and feels as though he is missing something in his life that needs to be filled. After another day of following his ancestors footsteps in being a fireman, Montag encounters a girl on his way home from work. On their short walk home Clarisse McClellan shows some of her odd habits that she has. From then on she shows her, at the time, odd passion for nature and interest in people. She begins to open Montag’s eyes, showing him that there is more to life than just burning books. Following his first encounter with Clarisse he finds his wife Mildred has overdosed when he returns home. Calling the emergency hotline he has two people sent over with no medical experience with a machine that exchanges her blood with others. The next day reporting to a call Montag and the other firman burn a elderly lady to death after she choose to stay with her books rather than retreating out of the building. Soon after this dramatic event Montag hears that Clarisse had been hit and killed by a speeding car. He then unknowingly, beings to look for something to make him content with life, and figures if a woman is willing to get burned alive then live without books, that there must be something in them that is worth reading. Montag gambles everything and decides to read some of the books he has stolen through his career that he has stashed in his air conditioning vent. When he doesn’t show up for work his Captain Betty shows up and explains the history of fireman and books. Betty tells Montag that is a natural feeling to get in his line of work and has seen it before. He tells Montag that if he has stolen a book he would have to return it to the fire station within 24 hours or the crew would come burn it for him.
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