Factual Information and Opinions in One Article

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The social context of the article is the way our genes program us, specifically, how one gene can have the ability to affect whether we are slim or fat. The latter is also directly related to health problems that can be acquired when obese, such as diabetes and heart disease. The article was found in the science section of The Guardian, so the likely audience of this article would have been people interested in scientific research about genetics, academics and everyone in between, as the article speaks of an issue that affects the general population. The purpose of the article is explaining people's genetic makeup and how something like people's tendency to gain weight can actually be determined by the activity of the adipose gene and not strictly people's lifestyles. It also sheds light on possible new ways in which obesity can be tackled. The text has within it factual information as well as opinions. Some of the facts in the text are: 1. 'the adipose gene was first discovered in fruit flies more than 50 years ago''. 2. 'obesity is the second-largest killer in the UK: more th...

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