Factors to be Considered When Planning to Fill a Vacancy and Carrying Out Interviews

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Key Recruitment Documents and Factors to be Considered When Planning to Fill a Vacancy and Carrying Out Interviews In the Human Resource Management process first Marks and Spencer's would use Human Resource Planning (H.R.P) this looks at how many employees the business will need in the future, as well as the type of employee that will be required e.g. graduate trainees, skilled-manual and supervisors. H.R.P. also ensures that the 'right' employee is in the 'right' job, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. After H.R.P the business can then go through the process of recruitment and selection of new employees. The first task that needs to be done is that a job description needs to be written, this outlines the job title, and also the tasks and the responsibilities that the successful applicant will have to cover. Once this has been written, a job specification needs to be written, this goes into more detail than a job description, as it also entails the physical and mental characteristics that the successful/desirable applicant should acquire. This includes elements of their level of intelligence, their character and their interests. The Human Resource Management department will then to advertise the job using a variety of mediums so that their position gets as many applicant as possible so that there is more chance if the right person for the right job. A few if the mediums that they could place it in are the newspapers, job centres, job agencies, the Internet, radio, and internal notice boards, in order to get as many people as possible to apply for the post. The advert should include the hours of work... ... middle of paper ... ...erviewers), and then he/she will be appointed. This will involve the new employee being given a Contract of Employment, which is a written statement covering the terms and the conditions of employment (e.g. date employment commences, job title, pay, hours of work, holiday and pension entitlements), as well as the process for disciplinary and grievance procedures. Once a new employee has been appointed to a business, it is likely that they will receive induction training in order to help them settle into the new job. This induction training covers the basics of the new employee's job, as well as the background details and the history of the business (e.g. number of employees and the range of products). Analyse the key recruitment documents and evaluate the quality of information in relation to the purpose of each.

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