Factors that Make a Succesful Entrepeneur

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Entrepreneurs have long been acknowledged by the business, they are the ones who “organize and manage any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk” (Nelson, 2012). There are so many factors that make a successful entrepreneur. This essay will talk about Sawato Hitaru, the fourth president of Nintendo- one of the world’s most valued brands (Giantbomb.com, 2014) and analyze the aspects that brought him to success and well as the causes that might have limit him from making more profits for the company. This essay will also describe Sawato’s situation in the business and whether he is capable of putting forward the company’s success in a long term future. While still studying computer science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Satoru Iwata has already been working as a part time at HAL Laboratory which is a secondary development group of Nintendo (Giantbomb.com, 2014). When Satoru Iwata graduated in 1983, he started his full time position as the manager of software production at HAL laboratory. In 2000, Iwata got promoted and moved to Nintendo’s head offices as the chief of the commercial development division. And in 2002, when the old president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi retired, he decided to choose Satoru Iwata as the successor and the fourth president of Nintendo (Gifford, 2013). Nintendo is a large enterprise that has been running in the family business in Japan for over a century (Spors, 2014). Usually an enterprise run in the family business will tend to choose a family member or marriage member to be the successor because keeping business in the family can often revenue more capital for the next generations than other investments acquired from the transaction of the business (W... ... middle of paper ... ...intendo and Nintendo is still actually making profits from selling 3DS handhelds in the market (Byford,2013). So what Satoru Iwata should do in order to keep up the business is to focus on the sales of 3DS handhelds as well as one type of target market to develop the product that would be suitable for them. In conclusion, Satoru Iwata has the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. He has his knowledge of the products, his skills and creativity as well as big vision, he is also a risk taker which plays an important part in the success of the business. However he also has the ego of an entrepreneur of being too optimistic in an unrealistic way that costed him the biggest failure in the sales of the company. However, with his skills and vision, he could still keep the business going as well as bring the success to the business again in the future.

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