Factors that Led to the Outbreak of WWII

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There has been much speculation surrounding the cause of World War II. This paper seeks to answer the question: what were the factors that led to the outbreak of the war? Being one of the most defining moments in the 20th century hence necessitating the need for such studies. The in-depth study will include coverage of the causes, events surrounding it, the outcome and the effect it had the globe over. A lot of previous events such as the Holocaust and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles have been proposed to be some of the factors that stirred the outbreak of the war. Given that many factors have been suggested to have caused the war, this paper scrutinises the facts all in a bid to conclude on what caused the occurrence. Secondary sources that have been written on the subject will be the methodology used to make a sound conclusion.
Criteria B:
• The World War II took place between 1939 and 1945 (Preston, 1321).
• The rise of militaristic and totalitarian regimes in Japan, Italy and Germany contributed greatly to the outbreak of the war (Casey, 365).
• The World War I may have ended, but most countries still had wounds to heal. They needed to settle scores (Preston, 1321).
• Germany had been disappointed, Italy defeated and Japan’s ego enthused. They hoped to make amends even if it took thriving at the expense of their neighbours. By camouflaging as opposers of communism, they prevented the democrats from being prepared; military-wise (Casey, 365).
• In 1919, Britain, Italy, France and the USA met to discuss a treaty they hoped will pave the way for peace in Europe. (Casey, 366).
• The war guilt Clause was one of the terms of the treaty where Germany was expected to assent to the fact that they had caused World War I. (Casey,...

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