Factors that Cause Cataract

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Cataract is a condition that clouds the lens in the eye that leads to decrease in vision. There are many factors that cause cataract but the most common is aging, blunt trauma can also cause cataracts due to swelling and thickening of the lens fiber. Cataract can also develop after a long and constant exposure to radiation. Genetics can also play a part in developing the condition. Most common symptoms of cataracts are cloudy or blurry vision, colors seems faded, poor night vision, double vision or multiple visions in one eye. The clouding of the lens reduces the sharpness of the image reaching the retina. The lens can also turn into a yellowish/brownish color and add brown tint to the images. If the infected eye is not treated properly it can cause blindness.
Cataract in people over 80 is very common, In the U.S. more than half in that age group either have cataract or have had a cataract surgery. Even though the condition is worst at the later age cataracts mostly develop at 40 to 50 years of age but it is small and do not affect the vision. People that have diabetes are most likely to develop cataracts as well as prolonged exposure to sunlight. Smoking and exposure to chemicals and other disease can also cause cataracts. The condition can be detected through visual acuity test that measure how well the eye see the image in various distances. Dilated eye exam and tonometry can also be preformed to check the eyes for certain conditions. Cataract is not fatal but if left untreated can lead to blindness.
Cataract has been around for centuries, the earliest documented case was a small statue that has white patch carved into its pupil in Cairo around 2457-2467 B.C.E. Couching was the earliest procedure to treat...

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...hey can also help apply the medication to keep the eye from getting infected.
What I Learned
I learned that cataracts can affect anyone and there are many ways one can develop the condition. It is interesting to learn that couching wasn’t debunked as an unscientific way to treat the cataract in China until the 1900s. Also it is interesting that most of the people over the age of 80 have cataract or went through cataract surgery.

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