Factors that Affected the Outcome of World War Two

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Factors that Affected the Outcome of World War Two There were many factors that affected the outcome of World War Two. Some of these were how many tanks you had, how powerful your tanks were, and how well they were built. The Allies had the most tanks in the war and this was one of the main things that helped them win. The Germans had the most powerful tanks in the war, but the allies out numbered them. The Allies using light and medium tanks in big groups against the Germans powerful tanks was the main thing that helped them win World War Two. During World War Two there were many different types of tanks. They were put into categories depending on weight and armament. There were four main categories of tanks: heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, and turret less tanks. Light tanks were armed only with machine guns. Medium tanks carried heavier weapons and were bigger than light tanks. Heavy tanks carried even bigger guns than medium tanks, had heavy armor, and were slow. Turret less tanks were used for infantry support and were used only by the Germans, the U.S. and Britain didn’t create any. Tanks were originally made to support the infantry but as everyone started to use them it soon became obvious that tanks were needed to fight other tanks. All tanks tended to be used for the same purposes. This made designers think of tanks made to hunt down other tanks. These tanks were called tank destroyers. In the end of World War Two, tanks were one of the most crucial deciding factors in the outcome of World War Two. American Factories supplied more than 88, 000 tanks in World War Two. This also affected the war’s outcome. All tanks were a mixture of three things – protection, firepower, and mobility (armor, guns, and spee... ... middle of paper ... ...is a special type of shell that turns into a missile. Once the shell is fired the sides (sabots) fall off and a missile shaped projectile continues that can penetrate an enemy tank when it explodes. Tanks now have computer and laser technology, much better armor, and a new sleek outline. This allows for the crews to be much more safer and comfortable. The new laser technology is used to automatically calculate the distance to the target. There are also devices to confuse enemy radar and identification beacons to prevent “friendly fire.” Tanks also now use gas turbine engines that are similar the helicopter engines. These are lighter, easier to maintain, and they have a longer life than diesel engines. Tanks have come a long way since World War Two but without them during that war it would have been a lot harder to win and the outcome might have been a lot different.
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