Factors Of Serial Killers

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There aren’t many people killed by cereal, but there are many killed by serial killers. These people can be determined by many factors. Some of these factors can be A serial killer has a very clear definition. They commit at least 3 or more murders over more than a month with an emotional break in between the killings. An emotional break is when the killer just takes time for themselves to re-collect and cool down after their spree of killings. The emotional break can last weeks, months, and occasionally, though rarely, years (Bogaard). There are many signs to look for when determining a serial killer. Being antisocial is a common sign in serial killers. Many of them will start growing distant from their families at an early age, possibly…show more content…
Twenty-six percent of serial killers have been sexually abused (“A closer look at the mind…”) Aileen Wuornos was one of many serial killers that sexually abused. Aileen was one out of a handful of women serial killers. Women serial killers are not that common. Eighty percent of serial killers and the other then are said the be women. Aileen was born February 29, 1956. She had a traumatic childhood, her father killed himself while in prison for child molestation, her mother abandoned her and her brother, her grandmother was an alcoholic, her grandfather molested her and was extremely violent. She was said to have a sexual relationship with her brother. Aileen also got pregnant as a teen and gave the baby up for adoption. Her grandparents threw her out of the house as a teen. Soon after being thrown out she was making a living by being a sexworker on Florida’s highways. In 1989 she killed her first victim, the man she killed was someone that picked her up on the highway. Afterwards she went onto kill 5 other men. Aileen Wuornos was taken in by the cops January 9, 1991, and in 2002 she was executed by lethal injection (“Aileen Wuornos - Murderer

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