Factors Leading to the Rise of the Nazi Dictatorship in the 1930s

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The Great Depression played a big role in helping the Nazi Party capture power. Many nations were suffering from the Great Depression in 1930, including Germany who had to pay for the war reparations. During this period of economic and politic crisis, the country had been easily influenced by the politics parties. They wanted someone who is capable and had what it takes to be their leader to lead them through the huge crisis that they were facing. Most Germans who are in desperate state as they wanted Germany to be like once, able to be proud of and not in such a state where they had to struggle to fulfill the almost impossible terms of the Treaty of Versailles. They considered that period as a disgraceful decade in their history. Due to the Treaty of Versailles, the bitterness feeling that was left for the Germans. That is when Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party’s last leader came in and promised people that he would help to restore the peace and make Germany greater, but as their leader. The bitterness feeling that the Germans felt, also did a part in helping the Nazi Party to capture po...
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