Factors Leading to the Creation of Residential Schools in Canada

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The holocaust in Germany was an ethnic genocide the wiped out millions of Jews in Europe during World War II. They were rounded up and excluded from the general public, because they were an inferior race and therefore not human beings. They were put into ghettos that were exclusive to Jews and were later sent to concentration camps where they were exterminated or worked to death. This happened because Hitler, along with some of Germany displayed prejudices towards the Jewish people. Similarly, Canada from the late 1800's believed that the aboriginal people of Canada were savages and needed to be assimilated into the better way of life. The government felt that they were no good and needed to be erased of their traditional culture and taught differently. By doing so, it also gave added benefits to Canada economy by providing a new workforce of aboriginal people and diminishing treaties that were in place between Canada and the aboriginals. This assimilation would turn violent due to the abuses of the churches that were running daily operations of schools. These experiences would cause many after affects long after the residential school era ends. The residential schools turned into a failed ethnic genocide of aboriginal peoples in Canada that is comparable and no better to the genocide of the Jews in Germany during World War II. This paper will examine the factors leading to the creating of residential schools and will also look at the type of abuses upon the aboriginal children and the after affects.

Residential schools were erected for several reasons, such as assimilation to Canadian culture and surprisingly for economic factors. Residential schooling was a concept that dated back to the 1800's. Three residential schools w...

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...ngst some of Canada's churches and government as well as added beneficial economic factors. A plan to assimilate aboriginal people into the body politic of Canada turned to be an assault on the native peoples through spiritual, physical and sexual abuses that were experienced by the children in these schools, which resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries. These actions upon the churches and governments resulted in serious after effects in the aboriginal populations within individuals, family households and communities. After many years, multiple organizations have been brought up to help aboriginals and survivors of residential schools but are gradually becoming underfunded. These organizations, as well as many other people label residential schools as an act of genocide by the Canadian government, that resulted in severe mistreatment of aboriginal children.
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