Factors Influencing Julius Caesar’s Rise to Power

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From 100 BC to 44 BC, Caesar gained admiration and influence through various political roles such as; Pontifex, Governor, and Praetor. As a result of the power and admiration he gathered in these roles, Julius Caesar ultimately became dictator of Rome allowing him to make a number of important changes to the Roman Empire. Moreover, through conquests of countries such as Gaul his influence spread across the continent. Caesar played a vital role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, which ultimately led to his assassination. Julius Caesar changed Rome through his rise to political power, conquest, feuds and assassination.
Julius Caesar accumulated his power over the course of his life through the various positions he held in Rome, which allowed him to make changes to the Roman Republic. For example, in 69 B.C. Julius Caesar was elected military tribune, after displaying bravery during his kidnapping by pirates while crossing the Aegean Sea. The military tribune position was the first step in having a political career at the time and necessary to begin developing his influence.
Next, Julius Caesar took on the role of Quaestor in 69 B.C. Throughout this position Julius 1
Caesar both supervised the financial affairs of the state and conducted audits. Following his time as a Quaestor Julius Caesar became Pontifex Maximus despite the public’s surprise due to his young age . The Pontifex Maximus was an important step in Caesar’s rise to power as it was the 2 position of high priest in the College of Pontiffs and the most important position in the ancient
!1 Roman church. In fact Caesar won this position against two powerful senators with greater experience thereby demonstrating his increased ...

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