Factors Explaining the Growth in Heritage Tourism

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Heritage is a broad concept as it can mean many different things and have many definitions for example, “circumstances or benefits passed down from previous generations, keeps the close contact with the concept of inheritance. Although it might not be a thing but maybe an inherited title” (Howard, heritage management, interpretation, identity). This quote shows that, heritage can be an understanding of something old, new, tangible and the emphases of special qualities and the fact that we inherited from the past. Heritage tourism has grown rapidly in recent years because of the same reasons that have led to the growth in tourism generally including, things such as increase leisure time, more disposable income, the development of the package holiday and the increase in mobility due to the growth of car ownership. (Timothy and boyd, 2003) Also there are more specific reasons why the interest of heritage tourism has grown and these are, there are higher levels of education, for example heritage tourism can be a subject on its own or could involve geography, history and science, which can lead it to being in colleges and universities so therefore from ages 10-25 or maybe higher can learn about heritage tourism. Another reason for growth is media representations, particular on TV, of heritage themes from other countries, which can include buildings and monuments, people’s lifestyles and special events and festivals. Competition from heritage sites and pressure from funding have simulated traditional museums to become more imaginative and user friendly so that visitor number would increase. Most heritage sites such as monuments and museums like all the Tyne and wear museums Beamish and art galleries etc have increased in visi... ... middle of paper ... ...f schools that are going on day trips, that is making the children at a young age aware of what there is and the history within the areas. Bibliography Dallen J.Timothy and Stephen W. Boyd. Heritage tourism. 2003. First edition. England. Gerard corsane.2005. Heritage, museums and galleries: an introductory reader. USA Canada. Routledge Anita M. Waters. 2006. Planning the past: heritage tourism and post-colonial politics at port royal. Oxford Theorizing digital cultural heritage: a critical discourse by Fiona Cameron and sarah kenderdine. 2007. Journal from sciencedirect. Peter Howard. 2003. Heritage management, interpretation, identity. First edition. London Brian Graham, G.J. Ashworth, J.E. Tunbridge. 2000. A Geography of heritage: power, culture & Economy. Arnold Publishers. London http://www.statistics.gov.uk/downloads/theme_transport/Ttrends1999.pdf

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