Facebook 's Effect On People 's Lives

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In the 21st Century social media sites have emerged such that some people forgot about the outer world. Facebook is one of the sites that has changed the way people communicate with each other. People stopped communicating with others face-to-face, instead they like to communicate through social media sites rather than talking to others directly. The advantage about Facebook is that people now can easily reach their family and friends from all over the world. They can also reunite with people they haven’t seen for a long time. Facebook also made it easier for people to learn about others by looking at their posts. Sending photos to a family member through Facebook is faster than letting the person wait a week so that they get the photo trough a mail. Social media created a new writing technique; people are too lazy to write a whole sentence, instead they use short cut words such as “LOL, OMG.” The changes that Facebook has made on people’s lives leads to either a positive or a negative effect. Facebook has changed people in several ways. It has changed the way people communicate with one another. It also permitted people to share doses of information from politics, to relationships, to breaking news. Social media effects on the generation varies. New technological apps, and devices are being created each year, but how does these change the way people relate to others. Facebook has pros and cons on people. The good side is that, it made people to keep in touch with others through different ways. People no longer need to wait for mails, and reunions in order to keep in touch with their family and friends, instead by a single text or post through Facebook they can know everything about others. Facebook also created new groups to jo... ... middle of paper ... ...ecting them on how they are using these websites weather to hack people, or using them inappropriate. Do you think that Facebook is changing our lives or not? With the rise of technology and social media sites in today’s world, people do not realize that they are focusing on sites that are making them forget about the outside world. Facebook is slowly changing people in to better and worse, people are too addicted to their phones that they are being reclus about their lives. They are not taking care of their studies, communication, and driving. Social media made people addicted to it in a way that they would keep their heads down on their phones while driving, in classrooms, and while hanging out with others. Let’s change our world and start being interactive with the environment instead of wasting our beautiful days on things that wouldn’t change anything about us.
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