Facebook, a Useful Means of Socialization.

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Advancement of communication technologies has brought our friends to a stone's throw away. In particular, Facebook allows us to share our ongoing lives by advanced cyber-images. This element of society has opened a new window for people keen to share information with intimacy and personal relationship. In the way of social communication people often use this wonder medium and eventually has created a world of virtual friendship. Due to its virtual property people sometimes also consider Facebook friendship as superficial and pretentious. Niedzviecki (2011, p. 656) termed this relationship just more than nothing in life. However, after operating from February 04, 2004 in its existence of a decade Facebook has placed itself inevitable to 1.1 billion users (Wilson, 2014). Facebook has made itself unique in keeping up-to-date on friends' lives, widening social network and providing an active flow of information. These social communicating features have led Facebook gaining rapid popularity to its users.
Facebook in comparison to other e-communications allows a better understanding of one's life events. Keeping up-to-date by posting pictures, status and sharing one others feelings Facebook users enjoy their sovereignty of personal communication and relationship. However, discontent and exhaustion are also reported. King (2011, p. 332-333) argued that the nature of fragmented images posted on Facebook does not entirely express users' live events. This may provoke the users to leave Facebook without a feeling of community. He added, "I was unhappy and feeling empty. The amount of time I spent on Facebook had pushed me into an existential crisis". But as a virtual experience Facebook allows its users free and unaccountable to none. This ...

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...lly, like most creations Facebook may also be beneficial or disadvantageous depending on how one choose to filter the information. It is extremely difficult to draw border on how it is useful or not. So it is responsibility of the users not Facebook to decide with which information or link they would log on.
With enormous scope and flexibility Facebook is a widely acceptable networking site for people to keep in touch their friends and families, share experiences, strengthen social interactions and gather information. It may exert some privacy, internet addiction and technology abusive issues. However, the positive impact of Facebook outweighs the negatives as it helps to build up a communicative and informative society. Our new generation of Facebook users will certainly conquer the factual challenges on the way to their community, family and professional triumph.
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