Facebook Is Not for Education

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Facebook is a popular social platform that has become part of college students’ everyday lives. Most instructors see Facebook’s popularity as a reason to integrate this website as a supplemental learning tool beyond the walls of classrooms. It is estimated that 30% of surveyed instructors in the United States utilize Facebook for educational use in the courses they are teaching (Moran, Sieman, and Kane 22). Instructors who utilize Facebook as an educational tool perceive this social networking website as an effective platform that could allow active and collaborative learning. Specifically, instructors could post review about lessons in Facebook and conduct active discussion about school works with students. Further, instructors believe that Facebook could facilitate communication and engage college students in their studies, thus catalyzing college students’ academic performance. However, Facebook’s advantages are overshadowed by the harmful impacts that Facebook might have on college students. For instance, this social networking website could significantly distract students from studying and further impair their academic performance. Moreover, Facebook could cause a high level of stress that could influence college students’ personalities and lead to academic problems. As this social media could distract and cause stress in students, instructors should not incorporate Facebook as a learning tool to enhance college students’ academic performance.
Facebook and Distraction
Facebook could distract college students and impair their academic performance. Specifically, extending Facebook’s function as an educational tool could cause difficulties for students in managing their focus between learning and entertaining. This is because i...

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